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All dams require a river diversion during construction and many of these are in tunnel. For the majority of new dams with which I have been associated I have also been responsible for designing the tunnel and lining, including the rock mechanics aspects of the work.

Tunnels have ranged in size from 3 m up to 13 m lined diameter. Some particular examples are given below.

Country Diameter (m) Length (km) Comments
UK 2 5 Stabilisation of Cast Iron segmental lining - Design and construction supervision
Thailand 11.8 (lined) 0.3 Power Tunnel design and construction supervision
Philipines 13 1.5 Twin diversion tunnels - design
Philippines 6 26 Transbasin tunnel design
Indonesia 3 1 Diversion tunnel design and construction supervision
Indonesia 4 1.2 Diversion tunnel design and construction supervision
Ukraine Up to 7m Total of 8 Tunnels and shafts for Pumped Storage Project Design review
Italy 4.5m Total of 12 Redesign of 2 No tunnels following collapse during excavation in very complicated geology and tectonically active area
  Diversion Tunnel - Sermo Dam, Indonesia  
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