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About me

Over 40 years experience in dam and reservoir engineering world wide.

  • Associated with some 190 dams worldwide.
  • Dam Projects in 23 Countries.
  • 16 New dams designed.
  • Safety Inspections of some 110 dams.
  • Design Reviews of 29 dams (new and rehabilitation works).
  • Technical Advice for some 42 dams.
  • Repairs I Upgrading works on 42 dams.
  • Construction Supervision for 16 new dams.
  • Due Diligence Reviews for International Lending Agencies on 2 dam projects.
  • Major part in I National Dam Safety Project.
  • Training in Dam Safety I Monitoring and Interpretation of Monitoring data for 3 International Clients.

I am one of the UKs All Reservoir Panel Engineers appointed by the UK Government to design supervise construction of, inspect and certify large raised reservoirs.

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