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Dams and Reservoirs

Experience in Dam and Reservoir work has been until recently mainly related to embankment dams but with the Son La Hydropower Project my experience has widened to include RCC dams. This 138 m high RCC gravity dam is part of what is currently the largest Hydropower Project in South East Asia and will form the reservoir supplying a 2 400 MW capacity power station.

Experience in embankment dams has included design of new dams ranging from 8 m high to 95 m high, dam safety programmes and inspections. Experience in Operation and Maintenance and Asset Management has also been included. Some of the dams on which design work and supervision of construction has been carried out are shown below

Experience also in non-impounding reservoirs including HDPE liners, diaphragm walls etc.

Sermo Dam Indonesia 58 m high Chiew Larn Dam Thailand 95 m high Beochlich Dam Scotland 8 m high
Service Reservoir UK Service Reservoir UK Kau Sai Chau - Hong Kong

The scope and extent of the services provided are summarised below:

In addition to design, review panels, inspections and certification projects have included Due Diligence Reviews of contracts for major dam projects on behalf of International Lending Agencies. These included reviews of contracts for two large dams on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project following accusations of corruption within the undertaking authority.

The new dam projects have also included the spillways and two are illustrated below.

Palasari Dam - Bali Indonesia Sermo Dam, Jawa, indonesia Sermo Dam, Jawa, indonesia
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