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Geotechnical work has mainly been associated with dam projects and has included tunnels, excavations, slopes, foundations and roads.

Tunnels are shown on a separate page.

Slope stability problems have included both soil and rock slopes up to 100 m high and the design and nomination of support where necessary.

Projects have included:

  • Site investigations for large scale projects worldwide.
  • Inspections of soil slope failures in Trinidad roads.
  • Investigations into large scale soil slope failures in Ecquador following earthquakes.
  • Development of Quantitative Risk Assessment Methods for slopes affected by leakage from service reservoirs in Hong Kong.
  • Analysis of risk and development of mitigation measures for potential landslide in Italy.
  • Slope stability problems in UK.
  • Foundation design for structures.
  • Investigations into dispersive problems in Thailand.
  • Design of temporary slopes in excavations 40+ m deep in lacrustine silt for foundatios of a 165 m high arch dam in Iran.
  • Inspections of slopes and recommendations on any stability measures necessary worldwide.
  • Design of offshore foundations
Landslide in Hongkong Landslide in Hongkong
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