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David Morris is an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer, authorised under the Reservoirs Act (1975) to inspect, design and supervise construction of dams of any size or type. Currently he is leading the team from a Swiss firm of consultants assisting with the design of the 138 m high RCC dam for the Son La Hydropower Project in Viet Nam.

He has also designed dams in the UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Yemen and has reviewed new dams in Viet Nam, Indonesia and Malaysia as well as reviewing proposals and designs for remedial works in Indonesia under the IBRD funded Dam Safety Project where he was Operation and Maintenance Specialist responsible for developing O&M Guidelines and a Downstream Hazard Classification System.

As an Inspecting Engineer under the UK Act, he has inspected and certified dams in UK, for major undertakers such as Scottish Water as well as private clients. He has also inspected and certified dams in Singapore, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Kosovo, Thailand and Yemen as well as assisting with the review and certification of dams in Hong Kong.

He has led due diligence teams reviewing the contractual arrangements and performance on two major dam contracts in Lesotho.

He has been associated with geotechnical engineering and dams for most of his career and, over the past 30 years has worked almost exclusively on dams and associated work in the UK and Worldwide.

In geotechnical engineering he has designed foundations, slopes (soil and rock, tunnels and inspected and assessed the stability of slopes worldwide.

The following pages will give you a glimpse of his experience to date.

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